Quizine is a new food recipe website, crafted by a married couple, Cory and Liz, from Baltimore.

Liz is an amazing home cook, finding recipes and crafting delicious food from around the world. Her passions include music, travel, reading classics, and trying new flavors and techniques for cooking yummy dinners.

Cory is a graphic designer who hates most recipe sites, so he designed this site to share the tasty recipes he and his wife Liz find and cook. He enjoys game shows, television and apparently making recipe websites.

The goal of Quizine is to showcase delicious recipes that aren’t overloaded with weird ingredients, difficult techniques or strange kitchen tools. Each recipe has been cooked and eaten by the both of us to ensure that each recipe is easy enough to cook on a weeknight, in a tiny kitchen, with nothing more than what an average person would have in their kitchen. We’re also not going to inundate you with obnoxious advertisements, pop-ups and nag screens, or obnoxious personal stories about pork or chicken. It’s the Quizine way.